how do i add an ijigg player to my widgets?

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    Hello… I run a little music blog called eyesforindie and I’m attempting to put in a sidebar music player from ijigg. Can anyone explain to me where in my css I would have to drop the embed link for this? I tried to add it through the ‘widgets’ section and had no luck. If I can’t use ijigg are there any other similar players that would work where i can add my own music as opposed to selecting from ‘pre-approved’ artists? thanks for your assistance wordpress legion! :)



    It depends what the code is for the ijigg player. Most likely it’s Javascript as that’s what most of these players use; we can’t use that or other embeds on our blogs, so you won’t be able to use that.

    Your best bet would be to put the Sonific Widget in your sidebar; I’m not sure how you’d get your music onto Sonific (you’d need to check at their site), but once you’ve done that you can add it to your sidebar in Dashboard > Presentation > Widgets. You could also use the WordPress music player and upload your music to somewhere like, or try the Odeo music player; you’ll just need to see how large they are in your sidebar. Hope one of those options helps. :)

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