How do I add an image caption and have it display?

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    I am using

    When uploading an image, I enter a “caption” but as far as I can tell, all it is doing is putting that text into the alt tag for the image. It does not actually display as a caption in my blog post.

    Am I doing something wrong? I guess since it is called a “caption” I was assuming it would appear under the image in the post, but maybe not.

    Do I have to just add text manually under my image if I want it to appear? Either that or I guess create the text as part of the actual image in Photoshop?

    That seems like a lot of work… let me know if I am missing something easy here! TIA.


    I was thinking they had added an actual image “caption” for us, but I discovered also that it isn’t really a caption. I’m not sure what it does.



    you have to click on the image title in media library in the dashboard that will take you to that images edit page then in the image edit page you add the caption to have it show in your post make sure to save it after you add caption

    you can refer to this screen shot to see were to add the caption


    The caption does not show up under or around the image though, that is the problem. It actually puts it into the “alt= in the img src. It isn’t a real caption, it is the “alt” text.

    They should rename that since it is going to cause confusion.


    gamehq, I tried what you said a million times and like thesacredpath reported all I get when I enter a caption is an alt attribute in the img tag in the code. Alt attributes are a good thing, of course, but if a WordPress “caption” is actually just the alt attribute, then how does one create a caption (in the traditional sense of the word)?

    I’m a designer/coder and sometimes WordPress does not feel real intuitive to me. Maybe I know too much for own good, LOL!

    Can anyone give a definitive answer on this? Do I need to either use Photoshop to create one image that also includes the caption? Or do I need to make a little table in the HTML and put my caption in the td below the picture? Those are the only ways I can think of, but I want to make sure that I am not missing anything in the capabilities of TIA.


    I was thinking about a table, and I also thought about putting one on in PS. Caption in WordPresseze just isn’t what the rest the world thinks of when they hear the word “caption.”

    Does Babel Fish translate from WordPresseze?



    I just found out myself, and have to admit that I’m a bit shocked. Why on earth is the caption not showing? One would think this was elementary stuff in WordPress.


    Caption in the case of WordPress is not caption as everyone else thinks of it.

    Caption in the new WordPressese means “alternate text” which is what will show up if the link to the image is broken, or the image cannot be displayed.


    FWIW, WordPress has never had an actual image caption thing.



    Caption in the new WordPressese means “alternate text” which is what will show up if the link to the image is broken, or the image cannot be displayed.

    Or, for IE users, it displays the alt text when the mouse is hovered over the image.

    I, too, wish we had the kind of captioning we all assumed it was. It is achievable with CSS but I only got it to work correctly a few times – my shortcoming, not CSS’s.


    putting the image in a table and using table caption as the image caption seems to be the only way out. yes, you have to do it on your own. that’s the bad news.

    the good news is such table-cum-image captions are google-friendly. besides you can save the table code somewhere and add the img url as needed. so it’s not too much of a drudgery.

    not exactly brilliant, but hey, it works.



    This is my solution:
    Still find this whole problem to be somewhat a disappoinment. Oh, well. This plugin might do the trick for now.



    We can’t use plugins here. This is



    Doh. The problem still exists when you install WordPress on your server. I’m not too happy about installing add-ons for everything, but this plugin works perfectly in my case. Good luck!



    “FWIW, WordPress has never had an actual image caption thing.”

    Seems like it, but I was still able to have mouseover captions before the recent changes. It’s kind of interesting how it doesn’t seem to work now in Firefox when it did before. :/


    I’m happy enough if when mousing over the image text shows but sometimes this works and sometimes it doesn’t – what am I doing wrong when it doesn’t?



    you should use both alt and title tags for your images. different browsers interpret them differently.
    you can learn more about alt and title tags here


    @buildabearvilleblog, you’re not doing anything wrong, it is broken. Someday staff will fix it.


    until staff fixes it, i suppose putting the tags manually will help. worth the time.

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