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How do I add an image to a post???

  1. Seriously, this should be a no brainer but when i upload a photo it goes to the "gallery" section, claims it's attached to the post??? But there is nothing there in the ACTUAL post. I must be missing a VERY obvious step.


    The blog I need help with is

  2. The site linked to your name is not a blog, so we can't provide support for it.

  3. oh gosh why does it go to my website not my blog here?


  4. Galleries will only work with multiple images. Open the post you want the image in, then click on the "add image" button, and at the top of the window that opens, click on the "media library" link, find the image that you want to insert, click on the show button, make any adjustments to the settings that you wish (size, alignment, etc.) then click the "insert into post" button.

    If you are starting a post and are going to upload an image for that post, with the post open, upload the image, and when it is done uploading, a window will appear where you can again set the various insertion options, and when they are set, click the "insert into post" button.

  5. That makes to try again ;) I'll let you know. Thanks much!

  6. Where is the "insert into post" button?
    OMG I feel like an idiot.

    Could this be a mac or browser related issue???

  7. Okay found it... the tiniest white on white button EVER! Wow so not intuitive...really threw me!
    Thanks for your help ;)

  8. Jody, You are welcome, and yes, that button could be more prominent (understatement), there is no doubt. WordPress seems to be a little too infatuated with "subtle" the last year or so.

  9. repairirrigation

    when I click the "insert into post" button, the "Add an Image" pop up window goes blank white, with just "Add an Image" and the x to close the little window visible. The image in the gallery or Media Library I selected has not added to the post, still just attached. ???

  10. @reparirrigation, we need a link to the blog please.

  11. bearablescents

    Everytime for the last 2 days when I try to upload or insert an image into my Blog, it immediately shuts the browser down and asks if I want to restart Firefox. I know its not the best or fanciest thing in the world, but I am trying to learn how to make it better. My blog is

  12. i'm able to insert images into posts but they don't expand to full size when I click on them making some images too small to view in the post. my site is

    any help is appreciated

  13. When you look at the images under the Edit Image icon (the little mountain) make sure you select Link To Image. What does it say now?

  14. that did the trick. it's not selected by default. i'm gonna have to remember to check that box.

    muchas gracias!

  15. I could add an image on my post even though I click the image icon. Consequently, Firefox, the browser I always use, restarts and I have to log in again.

  16. Can someone help me with my images uploading issue?? I upload the file in a jpeg and then the image doesnt appear, just the file name.... Any thoughts??

  17. @bearwrangler: Please paste the exact URL of your blog when asking questions here, or link your nickname to your blog (as explained in the Sticky 8 Things to Know Before Posting). We can't help without that.

  18. I just started today. I don't see ANYthing to indicate that the image has been inserted, neither in my blog nor in my About page. What's to check? Thanks.

  19. The show button in the media library is not working.. the image i want to show is already attached to my post but its not shown in the preview. so i took media library and tried to add it from there but the show button is disabled/is not working.. what might be the problem?

  20. We can't answer any technical questions without a link to the blog, starting with http.

  21. @sherrilene, I see images in your posts just fine. Are you by chance talking about your gravatar image?

  22. Hi. Can someone please tell me how I add SEVEral imsges st once to my is really frustrating to upload them one by one....

  23. We need a link to your blog please.

  24. Hope this thread isn't too old to use...
    I migrated from Yahoo360 a month ago and after much fiddling around, I'm now satisfied with the way it looks. :-)
    So I spent some time reading about how to attract traffic. The advice is to add both title and description to each image.
    How can I do that, hopefully without having to delete and re-import them?

  25. Well, you'll have to edit them in the Media Library. Go to your Media Library and click on Show for each image, one by one. You should be able to add it in there.

  26. Thanks. I don't see Show but I see Edit. There, there is a red asterisk beside Title, the original name of the file, in some cases not understandable for others. That's what shows on mouse-over, even before any editing. Do I dare change that? It's in the url, all lower case, but perhaps I can change it by the red asterisk - for the sake of the mouse-over?

    Then there are 2 blank lines called Caption and Description. I filled in those for the newest post, but they are invisible(?). Will Google find them? Thanks.

  27. You can't change the title. YOu can change the others, the Caption and the Description. Whether or not they are invisible doesn't matter; google still reads them as long as you update/save changes.

  28. Put all your images on the free unlimited service that is flickr. Use that as your image database.

    When you write a post add the image via a url and position the iage accordingly with the options providing on the wordpress image linking screen.

    Then in the visual editor (not the html one) you can drag and re-size the image.

    That's not rocket science. If you want more it probably is rocket science! I'm not rocket scientist.

  29. One little note for people out there: In Safari, the handles to resize a photo do not appear so you have to click on the edit image icon that appears when you click on the image in the editor and then select from one of the preset image size adjustment values at the left of the image.

  30. Thanks for the help, people.

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