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How do I add another bullet to my About page?

  1. Hi, any help appreciated.

    Currently, my About page has one 'bullet' ("Who is the Apostate..."). I want to add another 'bullet' leading to a post about why I left Islam.

    How do I do this?

    Many thanks and apologies if this has been dealt with in the past.

  2. You write a page (not a post, but a page) about why you left Islam. Then, to the right, before you click "publish," you will see a rectangle saying "page parent." Click the + sign there and make the "Who is the Apostate..." page the parent.

  3. Thanks, Growthmad. I actually had tried that. I wish there was the option of making About the parent page, rather than Who is the Apostate, because if you look at it, it does not appear under About, it appears under Who is the Apostate, if you know what I mean.

    I can live with this compromise, but would love to know if there is a way of making them both appear under About, equally aligned. Thanks.

  4. Deleted by Root. I forgot where I was.

  5. What happens if the page has no parent (main page) ?

  6. if the page has no parent it will stand side by side with the other pages. pages with parents with work like a sub-page, and you can see the hiearchy beneath the page parent. however, this hiearchy is theme-dependent and may not be seen, it may just show all the pages together with no distinction between page parent or page children (lol).

  7. So it should suit our OP?

  8. apostate -- Ah, okay. Yeah, you can just designate the "Why I Left Islam" page as having no parent. Then it will just be another bullet under "About" (your pages widget). However, you're left with a very large navigation tab above your header image, and then another will appear with the "Why I left Islam" title.

    An alternative could be:

    You could change the title of that widget (your pages widget) to something like "Basics." Then write a page titled "About." On that page you could just say something like, "Below are links to some essays providing essential background information." Then you have links to the "Who is the Apostate..." page and the "Why I left Islam" page. And you make *those* pages "children" of the about page. Ya know? Also, that will give yo a much smaller navigation tab on top of your header image, making room for others if you want them.

    I have my blog set up something of like that, but without the links on the about page. (Cutline theme which works a lot like Pressrow)

  9. atthe404: op?

  10. @sulz
    op = original poster = apostate :)

  11. ah doh... yes. i think.

  12. Thanks, Growthmadness. I'll try some of the alternatives you suggested. I checked out your blog: interesting. Does it help to know that global warming will take care of all these (very real) problems in a hundred years or less (if we're lucky)? ;)

    This topic can be considered resolved. Thanks all.

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