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How do I add another subject tab at the top of my blog in addition to 'Home' & '

  1. theretrospectiveentrepreneur

    How do I add another subject tab at the top of my blog in addition to 'Home' & 'About'?
    Blog url:

  2. You make a static Page instead of a Post. Then it automatically shows up there.

    You can also use a Custom Menu to link to anything you want; your other website, a category page like or whatever you want.

  3. theretrospectiveentrepreneur

    Thank you Raincoaster. Can you tell me where on the dashboard I find the instruction to make a static page (can't find it anywhere)?

  4. Dashboard > Pages > Add New.

  5. theretrospectiveentrepreneur

    Thanks, Pete. I had actually found this and tried the Preview function but as it didn't show the new page as a new page on Preview I gave up. Having tried again but hit Publish - lo and behold - a new page!

  6. Excellent news. Good luck with your blog!

  7. theretrospectiveentrepreneur

    New question for Pete - how do I ensure a new post is to the new page I have created? I can't see any command / instruction on the normal Add New Post page?

  8. You can't send a post to a page.

    They're pretty much just like posts, but display differently. You can create a custom menu and have your Categories displayed along the top

  9. theretrospectiveentrepreneur

    Thanks once again Pete. Good luck to you too!

  10. You too :)

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