How do I add CLICKABLE images in SIDEBAR?

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    For the life of me I cannot get my sidebar images to link. I tried this a few weeks ago, and now I cannot even get a link to the photos in the gallery! This is SOOOO frustrating! I know it can be done because I see banners that are clickable in other people’s blogs….

    Can someone PLEASE help me in Layman’s terms???

    Thanks!! =)



    Sure. Text widgets have to be composed in code. The easiest way for a non-techie to do this is to go to the Write page and do a post, but keep it only as a draft, don’t publish it. Then you can add an image, make it a link by clicking on the Link icon, format it as you like and change the size. When it’s exactly the way you want, click the CODE editor tab and copy all the html. Put that in the text widget.



    Next time please do a search there is plenty of image issues that
    will explain a workaround with your issue there was a thread a
    couple of hours ago that I came across that has workarounds posted
    to the thread…

    Here is the link to that thread…



    raincoaster, you ROCK!!

    I looked around before I posted and didn’t see anything, thanks for your help raincoaster!! =)



    You’re welcome. I’m not a coder, myself, so that’s what I always do.


    In case you’d rather do it by html, the code is this:
    <a href="URL1"><img src="URL2"></a>
    where URL1 is the address you want to link to, URL2 the address of the uploaded image.



    thank you from me too!! I was just having the same problem and this thread helped me with my exact problem. Esp this last entry for getting the addresses in the right place.

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