How do I add "contacts" to menu?

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    How do I add “Contacts” to my menu next to “Home” and “About”

    I am using HATCH theme.

    Thank you!

    The blog I need help with is


    You would create a page called “Contacts” and add it to your custom menu. See the following article for more information:



    When I went to appearances -> menu, under “Pages” and then “view all” it only has “About” and “Home” and doesn’t let me add other “custom” links, like “Contact”

    When I added Contacts under “menu name” and then, “save menu” it eliminated Home and About from the home page and did not add contact


    You’ll need to create a page called Contact first (Pages -> Add New), then you’ll see the page in the list to add to your menu). You may also see an option that says something like “Automatically add new Top Level Pages to this menu.” If that is checked, any new pages (that are not children of other pages) will be added to the menu automatically.

    Please read the article I listed above. It goes into good detail about how to create Custom Menus.



    It worked! I had been obsessed with the menu link under appearances and was getting nowhere. Thank you!

    By any chance would you know how to get rid of the “Leave a Reply” box on the page?


    When editing the page, you can turn off comments in the Discussion Box. (you many need to enable the Discussion box by clicking Screen Options in the top right of your window first).



    Thank you, Andrew.
    I wish I had posted for help six hours ago!!

    Now just trying to find images that are wide enough to prevent the distortion that seems to occur when I post, but finding “wide” images seems to fix that problem.

    Thank you again!


    You’re welcome!



    Good morning!
    Curious if you might know how to remove the columns from the right side of each page where it says “Archives” “Recent Comments” “Categories” and especially “Meta”

    Also, it allows people to “follow” me which I would also like to disable.

    I’d love to get rid of these attributes but can’t figure out how!
    Thanks so much, Alisa


    Hi Alisa. In the future, please post separate questions in another thread, as it makes it easier to determine who can anser your question.

    These features are part of your Sidebar. You can change them by going to Dashboard -> Appearance -> Widgets.



    I will, indeed, separate questions in the future – still rather new to this and learning techniques as well as etiquette.

    Thank you on all and have a most excellent weekend!
    Best, Alisa



    Please consider using the helpful step by step learn blogging tutorial that Staff have linked to the bottom of your Admin page at



    Thank you



    You’re welcome and best wishes.

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