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How do i add copyright symbol to my blog and topics ?

  1. Is there any possibility how i can add a copyright sumbol to my blog and topics ?

    If yes , can you guide me how to go ahead with it ?

    Thanks in advance.

    btw , this is my blog , incase you need info on the themese i use or widgets i use.

  2. You could try Copyscape.

  3. i found this html code online that you can use: the number is ©
    hopefully this shows correctly when i hit the "send post" button. :) im new around here.

    <p> © 2004 John Doe </p>

  4. ya so that did not work. just google html code for copyright symbol

  5. It works when posted in the HTML editor of your posts. It doesn't work in teh forum because that's not an allowed tag.

  6. on a PC that's Alt +0169 :)

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