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How do I add credits on PayPal?

  1. I'm trying to add credits in PayPal so that I can grab a domain, but I can't figure out any links to get to PayPal. WP doesn't create links in their premium upgrades either...any advice?

    The blog I need help with is

  2. I'm having the same problem. support?

  3. I have bought before, yet forget. I need to buy another, how?

  4. Me too! All I want to do is buy the credits so I can map the domain..but there is no link or mention of how to pay!!!

  5. I made an acount on PayPal Brazil but to pay I need to
    put the email of who will receive the money, what should I put?

  6. nataliamonteiro

    I have the same problem! I want to buy credits to domain mapping but still can't find any link to paypal ou any explanation on how to buy credits either here at the WP website or at my Dash Board.

    Help please!



  7. Go to Upgrades, then click the Domains tab, enter the desired domain name (e.g. '') in the box after the 'http://'. Click Add Domain to blog. This will check whether the domain name is available, if it is, there will be a link button that says "Buy credits". Clicking this will take you to Paypal. Log in or register, pay. That's it. Almost. Now you have to go back to the Domains tab and actually map the domain to your blog by setting the domain as the "Primary Domain". Done.

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