How do i add donate function to my blog

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    For my school leadership course, we have an assignment which involves finding an innovative way to fundraise money for haiti relief.
    My group decided to create a blog were we can raise awareness and make use of some donating function to receive donations. Currently we have run into the limitations of as we can’t make use of any donate plugins.
    So i was wondering whether there was an external website out there were we can signup for a donate feature, link it on our blog so someone who wants to donate to the cause can donate through an external website to say a paypal account.

    The blog I need help with is


    The website is very brand new so we have no content up yet.



    The SocialVibe widget allows you to use your blog to earn donations for charity just by getting sponsored by a brand of your choice.

    You may also want to read this entry > You can add a PayPal button to your blog with the following steps.

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