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How do i add facebook like button in my site?

  1. I know that has no plugins. But then how can i add fb like button in my blog?

    The blog I need help with is

  2. WordPress does have a facebook like widget.

    Dashboard > Appearance > Widgets > Drag Facebook Like Box

  3. Thanks but this is for fb pages.
    I want a fb like button for the posts in my blog :\

  4. Facebook have a lot of options:

    But I'm afraid you can't use on a Blog, only on .org

  5. thanks, and everyone says so, but i just saw this blog.
    see there is a like button on the bottom of the page :\

  6. ahh ok:

    Dashboard > Settings > Sharing > Drag Facebook Share Button > Save

  7. thanks but i have a sharing button... i need a like button :\

  8. That is the like button. If you go back to the settings and change 'Button Style' to 'Official Buttons', you will see the like

  9. Sorry but i don't see any place where i could change it. Will you please tell me where exactly?

  10. OMG I found !!! Thanks a lot for your great help :)))

  11. This may help:

    Look at the video tutorial.

  12. You're welcome! :)

  13. Thanks to both of us. I tried to find it all day but no one could help me. Thanks thanks thanks :)

  14. Glad I could help!

  15. :))) And also i liked your site a lot ! Great jog :)

  16. Thank you :D

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