How do I add fixed text at the top of my blog page?

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    Alright to start, I am very new to this and really need some help! I am using my blog for my recruiting business, mainly to post jobs. So I have a “Pharmacist Jobs” page and have many posts on it. What I want is a fixed list of all the jobs at the top of the page and I have added that list in the text box under HTML in my “Pharmacist Jobs” page, but when I view the site, it is never there! How do I fix this?

    Also, is it possible to have more than one page of blogs, specific and separate? E.g. hospital pharmacist posts on one page and retail pharmacist posts on another page?

    I would really appreciate any advice to help move my business forward.



    The blog I need help with is



    A website and a blog are not the same. A post and a page are not the same. Please read this to appreciate the differences
    Succinctly stated a blog has only one dynamic page to which new posts are added with the latest post on top.



    What you probably want to do is make separate Posts, but categorize each according to the type of job, so when people click on Pharmacist Jobs in your Categories Widget, they get a dynamic page including all the Pharmacist Job posts.



    Well said raincoaster. :) I apologize for not explaining that to you austinmorioka – sorry :(


    Thanks. When someone clicks on the Pharmacists Job in my Catagories Widget, all the jobs do pop up, which is good. What I am wondering is, at the top can I have a main list of all the jobs below it? Would I use a sticky post to do this?



    You can’t have a sticky post on a Category page, sorry. Most Category pages display just snippets, and people can find the newest ones first that way. They won’t need to see the much older posts anyway.


    Are there any solutions to getting a main list at the top of that page or do I need to create a separate page that has a list of all the jobs/posts?

    Thanks for your help.


    There is no way to put a permanent list at the top of a category page at wordpress.COM. You will have to create another page and link to it.


    Thanks everyone for you time and help!

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