how do i add header graphics?

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    How do i put a graphic header on my blog? Should be easy, but i haven’t been able to do it.


    Could we have a link to your wordpress.COM blog please? Some themes have custom header options and some do not.



    You’re blog is self-hosted and you need to inquire over at http://wordpress.ORG/support/. This forum is for those hosted here on the wordpress.COM free hosting service. Our answers here won’t be right for you.


    Same question, at least I think it is, except I’m on My blog is I’d like to be able to add the featured blog graphic from this site: Is this possible on


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    Dashboard ->Custom Image Header
    You’ll see on that page the size of the image you’ll need.
    I think you can upload it from your computer and then crop it as needed, but it’s much more precise to use a photo editor to adjust the image before you upload it. (Photoshop, iPhoto, etc… There are free editors as well, but I don’t know them)


    @dialogic, you are also not hosted here on wordpress.COM, but self-hosted so you also need to head over to wordpress.ORG.


    No tsp, you didn’t notice the address of his blog (in plain text, unfortunately): the link is an example blog, not dialogic’s own.


    Thanks to everyone who posted a reply. The address of my blog is Will 1tess’s solution work? Won’t that change the entire banner header? All I want is to insert into my first page the graphic “featured blog” from the site. Any other suggestions?


    @dialogicmediation: The OP’s question was about the header; and re. a header things are as 1tess says: best to resize the image to the specified dimensions in an image editing application (you getter better quality this way), and best to upload it in the media library of your blog. If you are talking about an image logo in your sidebar, that’s a different question altogether (in which case you should have started a new thread instead of posting here). To do that, you must have an URL for the image and paste the proper code for it in a text widget. Let us know if you need help with that.

    (And I don’t see any “featured blog” graphic – what exactly are you referring to?)


    Regret I posted on the wrong thread — I’m not very savvy about all of this, as you may already have guessed.
    I was indeed referring to an image logo in my sidebar. With your help, I’ve figured out how to do that & also figured out, all by myself, how to place it at the top of the sidebar!
    What I can’t figure out myself is how to paste a hyperlink into the logo ( This is what I’d have to do to be allowed to use the graphic; the graphic is at
    Thanks for all your help!



    Or copy this model (since you can’t copy from that FAQ):

    <a href="URL_OF_SITE_HERE"><img src="URL_OF_IMAGE_HERE"></a>

    (As for the thread: by posting in the wrong thread you diminish your chances of being seen and getting a competent answer; you also diminish the chances of someone with a problem similar to yours finding that answer.)


    Many thanks to 1tess, lizii and especially panaghiotisadam for all the help offered. It worked! Point very well taken about posting to the right thread or creating a new one if necessary.


    i dont mean to be slow… but my theme is Theme: DePo Masthead by Derek Powazek
    and my blog address is
    and im wondering if i would be able to place a cumstomized header in my blog?



    No, that theme doesn’t allow it.


    sorry bout my not so smart quest. i cant customize header with that theme.



    You can switch themes, though. If you go to the Design page you can filter your search by looking just for themes with customizable headers.



    This thread is very helpful….thanks for the info and keep it coming because I am also thinking of ways to make my blog much better and more attractive :)

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