How do I add html tag or js script to my wordpress site main page

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    I want to add 2 things:

    1) An html tag:
    <link rel=”apple-touch-icon” sizes=”114×114″ href=”your-custom-icon-for-iphone4.png” />

    to make my website bookmarkable with a custom icon on iOS devices.

    2) a js script that creates a popup on the site if visited by iOS device which reminds you to bookmark it.

    I have experience with web design but since wordpress is all php, i wasnt able to find an html page to put the html tag into or the js code which has to go in the head tag.

    The blog I need help with is



    You can’t use javascript here at all; it’s stripped out. As for your #1 question, why not use a text widget?



    How do I do that?



    Ok I found the text widget, I added the href code, but Im getting a black icon when I try to add the page to home screen on my iphone. The image is set to 114×114 and Im no my iPhone 4S so it should be fine. Its a PNG with a lot of blank space around and only an S in the center. I tried with the S in black and in white, I still just get a black icon image for some reason.



    Nevermind, I got it working somehow. It might have been a refresh issue..

    Thanks raincoaster.

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