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How do I add links to images in a simple blog slideshow?

  1. I need to add links to images in my slideshow. How do I do that on a blog? Can I do that?
    Blog url:

  2. Which slideshow do you mean, the theme slider on the front page of your site or a regular slideshow?

    Are the links going to the photos or to somewhere else?

  3. I mean a regular slideshow. The links should go to pdf documents. Thanks.

  4. Not possible when using the slideshow, which is basically just a viewer.

    Once the present misdirecting links problem is solved by Staff, you could add a Gallery just below the slideshow displaying the same images as the slideshow, but with a link in the image Caption to the PDF.

    However, I would wait until the pandemic links problem I mentioned is resolved before doing this.

    And to answer your next question, stats do not track how many times your documents are downloaded.

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