how do I add members to my blog?

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    I just started a blog a few days ago and im having a few problems…one of them being member do I make it where people can sign in as members of my blog? also is there a limit as to how many members you can have? like I said im new to this so any help would be greatly appreciated :P .



    Mark has described this in the FAQs and there is no limitation on numbers if the blog is not “private”

    You haven’t specified whether or not your blog is “private” so if it is then you may want to look at these threads too
    You can then – if you want – add up to 35 users who can access the blog.
    A paid upgrade offers unlimited users.


    I dont have my blog set at private…I just didnt say what it was set at because I didnt think it mattered ^_^ ‘ .

    so then the people who want to become members have to get an acount on wordpress,send me there email address to me,I have to add them in that area,then they become members? so what do I put them down as,contributors? also should I put something on my site saying how to become a member,or is there some way to put a link on your site that takes you to the sign up area? it sounds alot more complicated then the blog im used to going to :P .



    The procedure is above at the links I gave you and it sounds like you’ve got it. The more important part is what you identified – it’s deciding on what role you want to assign to contributors.

    What you can do to let people know you are looking for contributors is put a notice into a text widget and place it in your sidebar.


    ok,thank you for the help =)



    You’re welcome. :)

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