How do I add more padding between widget and body?

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    I have successfully changed some of the text styles in Tarski.

    I’m having trouble making the padding larger between the widget column and main body.
    I see all the widget styles in the CSS stylesheet. But they’re all broken up individually.
    Does anyone know which specific one I’m looking for to narrow the entire widget column?

    Thank you.

    The blog I need help with is


    To do this, you either have to narrow the content area, narrow the sidebar, or make the theme wider and then adjust the padding to put more white space between the content and sidebar.

    Which of those is your preference? Widening the theme would be the most work since it would require you to make a new wider header image.


    One other thing. You do not have a title and tagline set at settings > general and that is a bad thing from an SEO standpoint. What you need to do is add those back in and then hide them via the CSS. That way the search engines can still see them. Not having a title and tagline will reduce your search engine ranking.


    Since you already have some full-width images in your posts, I would suggest narrowing the sidebar so that you do not have to edit posts with full-width images and reduce their size.



    Thank you for that tip about title and tagline! I’m sure I can look up how to hide the title and tag via CSS but if you come back on, do you mind sharing? : )

    But on the widget column: I do want to just narrow the widget column, because, yes, right now I don’t want to create a new header. I also wasn’t sure if Tarski does things based on ratios of space. So making the entire thing wider might still yield too narrow a gap between columns.

    Thanks for the quick reply.


    This would hide the blog title.

    #blog-title {
    display: none;

    To narrow the sidebar take three things. You need to reduce the width in #secondary from the 200px value now. Then reduce the search box (second below) by the same amount and then adjust the % width for the subscribe field. You can set that to a pixel value if you want to match the search widget field width if you wish

    #secondary {
    width: 200px;
    .widget_search #s {
    width: 194px;
    #subscribe-field {
    width: 95% !important;

    Some themes do % widths and some do absolute widths, and some do a combination of both. Some use px as their units, some use em units, and some use both. With every theme you just have to do some investigation and see what they are using. The current trend is to go with em units since that allows everything to scale when someone uses the zoom feature in their browsers to increase text size. It is more difficult to work with because em units are based on the base font size used in a particular div or element. It also makes it hard because images are not sized by em units, but by pixels.



    Thank you. This is great. And your explanations are very lucid.
    I read a lot of forum posts and many people sound knowledgeable
    but make many assumptions as they explain things.



    Worked like a charm : )


    You are welcome and thank you.


    BTW, I loved your dear John letter to your laser printer. I’ve been fortunate to know a good number of very fine laser printers over the years and I’m thinking of getting one to replace my now 2-year old, completely obsolete inkjet which can’t feed itself anymore. I have to hand feed it one piece of paper at a time and if I don’t time things just right, it gets all upset.



    Glad you liked it. Sadly, I’ve just spent the day kicking that sexy inkjet I referred to. It won’t recognize 2 brand new ink cartridges so now I’m left with all this ink and unsure whether it’s the print head or the ink. Now I’m off to Kinkos to print something. Insane. They don’t make ’em like they used to.


    They don’t make ’em like they used to.

    So (sadly) true.

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