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how do I add more posts to be available in recent articles?

  1. The oxygen theme puts your 3 most recent posts on recent articles, with featured images. Then they move down to more articles without pictures. I'd like to make more posts lined up in recent articles so they will be displayed with images. Can I change how "more articles" lists the posts so they show images, or change how many posts are in recent articles before dumping into more articles? I'm new to CSS and can't make heads or tails out of it.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. How many articles are loaded onto the Oxygen showcase page is determined by the theme code and that is not something that can be updated using CSS. We cannot edit templates or themes on free hosted blogs. CSS editing can be used only to change appearance. It cannot be used to change the way any theme is designed to function.

    Read what designsimply (Staff) states here >

  3. it is not a free blog, but thanks. I paid $100 to upgrade and I can't change something simple like that? But I can change things that essentially don't matter.

  4. Our blogs are hosted free of charge. Purchasing upgrades is voluntary. Each upgrade specifically states what it's for. There are no upgrades that provide the ability to hack templates or themes. This is a mutiuser blogging platform. All blogs wearing the same theme are using the same underlying template. Only Staff can access the templates and edit as every edit they make changes all blogs wearing the same theme.

    The $99.00 you paid for a bundle purchased you:
    a 1 year subscription to:
    Domain Name & Mapping
    Space Upgrade
    No Ads
    Custom Design

    Custom Design upgrade

    Does the Custom Design upgrade let me edit HTML?
    No. The Custom Design upgrade allows you to edit fonts and CSS only. You can change the appearance of a theme, but not its HTML markup, PHP code, or content. If you require this functionality, please consider moving your blog to a web host that supports theme code modifications, suitable hosts can be found here. Read more about why here.

  5. Refunds
    We provide a 30-day refund for bundle upgrades except where a bundle contains Domain Registrations. The refund period will end 48 hours after registration of a new domain name linked to the bundle. If the bundle is eligible for a refund, you will see a Cancel and Refund button for the bundle subscription on the Store > My Upgrades page.

  6. It is a bit misleading with upgrade buttons everywhere and no clear indication that you can't changer certain things until after you upgrade and realize you can't. At the point of being 2 weeks into my subscription, I'm nowhere near considering moving my blog afterpaying $99. But once my year is up, I WILL be switching to

  7. I'm sorry you weren't clear on what you could and couldn't do. I'm only a Volunteer so thanks for not shooting the messenger.

  8. @tommylutz
    "free blog" means free web hosting.
    The upgrades you purchased do not mean that your blog is independently hosted! You are still hosted here on for free.
    see here:

    With an independently hosted site you would be paying for someone to host your site in order to be seen online. Please read about the different flavors of WordPress:

  9. @tommylutz

    The oxygen theme puts your 3 most recent posts on recent articles, with featured images.

    dashboard—> settings—>reading settings—> Blog pages show at most—>type in the number of posts to show—>save

  10. That is nothing to do with CSS, BTW.

    Can I change how "more articles" lists the posts so they show images,

    The Oxygen theme has active custom excerpts so you can have your featured image as well as an except you construct yourself, including images (but no shortcodes onr embeds):

    Your rss feed and email subscribers will also receive your custom excerpts.

  11. You can also use the widget called "top posts and pages" to alert your readers to you popular posts with linked thumbnail images in your sidebar:

  12. Yeah, I have done all of that. Unfortunately changing the settings in "Reading" doesn't change how many posts dump into Recent Articles. But thank you for the help.

  13. Have you changed the settings on the WIDGET? Not in Reading, in the widget.

  14. tommylutz, you can add CSS to modify a theme design using's Custom design upgrade, but you cannot change the underlying functions (which is what you'd have to do to make the changes you've asked about). 1tess' workarounds might get you a bit closer, but they require a bit of manual work.

    To get complete control over all the code to do things like change the number of posts in the recent posts area, you can get your $99/year fee refunded and setup on web hosting somewhere else for a monthly fee instead. There are pros and cons for both, see for more details. The bottom line is that if you want full control over all the code, then is the way to go.

    Of course, I think is pretty fantastic (I'm biased). :) Oxygen is also a really great free theme at, so if we can help you work within the confines of Oxygen here at, that might work out for you.

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