how do I add multiple blogs to windows live writer?

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    I have 3 blogs, and am trying to upload them into windows live writer, however, WLW only recognizes one of them! During set up, I am entering in the addresses to the other 2 blogs but it is still only will connect with the one blog. Anyone know why it is doing this? On my old computer, I had all 3 blogs set up on WLW and on my iphone and ipad apps, also wordpress site has NO problem seeing all 3 of my blogs.. need help to find out why WLW only sees 1!

    blog that is uploading to WLW is
    blogs that WON’T uploads are and

    They are all set to private, would that have anything to do with it? hasn’t in the past.. but at a loss right now.. anyone can help??

    The blog I need help with is


    You need to look around either in the help section of WLW or in the online support and FAQ documents at the WLW site. I know it can be done because I have one client that uses WLW for multiple sites.



    I use WLW for I think three sites – there is a drop down on the upper row that has a list of the sites I have configured, there is an “Add a Blog” in the drop down and I think I just followed the Wizard to add a new site – sorry can’t remember any more than that –



    If anyone has an answer for this I really need one.

    I have 4 blogs hosted on WordPress but I can only add my “simming” blog into Windows Live Writer.

    I go to the add blog option and type in everything that’s relevant but then it comes up with “More than one blog has been detected, please select the blog you want to add from the list below.” but there is only one blog in the list and it’s the one that’s already IN windows live writer.

    Any help would be hugely appreciated.



    Does this help?
    Windows Live Writer Help Center
    Help Center Home
    How do I add a blog account?



    No sorry Timethief, appreciate the suggestion but if it was that simple I wouldn’t have had to come to the forums :(

    I’m having absolutely no luck searching online to find a solution for this.

    I know I can still do my blog online, but I really wanted it in some form off offline editor too. It makes it a lot easier for what I’m doing. I’m desperate for answers now.


    This is really a windows live writer issue, not a wordpress issue, and it has been a couple of years since I used WLW, but I at that time had 4 different blogs on it for testing.

    I typed “add multiple blogs to windows live writer “add multiple blogs to windows live writer” into the google search and came up with this. Scroll down to the “How to add multiple blogs to windows live writer” section.

    It is also most likely covered in the help section right within WLW.


    Also when setting up the new blog, make sure and include the full URL to the XMLRPC which would be something like this:

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