How do I add music to play throughout a slideshow?

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    I’d like to add music to play continuously throughout a photo slideshow but have no idea how to do it. Please tell me there’s a simple way to do this… REAL Simple please!
    Thanks so much,

    The blog I need help with is


    Hi @mtruhlik,

    There are quite a number of creative ways you can go about doing this. So, I’ll just share one way that I think is quite easy, IMO.

    Why don’t you check out this example I setup here, and if you like it, this is how you can set it up:

    The Slideshow
    First, follow the steps on how to create a slideshow here if you’re not sure how to do it yet.

    Autoplaying Music W/SoundCloud
    In my example, I use music provided by SoundCloud, so to embed and autoplay, you’ll need to get the song URL, put it in a shortcode, and be sure to add the auto_play parameter to the shortcode as well. The steps on how to do this are outlined here:

    And that’s it, at least for the example I setup. If you decide to try it out, let me know if you get stuck with any of the steps and I’ll help you out :)

    There are also other ways and services you can use to embed audio into your posts/pages. I recommend checking out this link which lays out more options.



    Hey Pauloeaquino,
    Many thanks for the help! I appreciate the links. I checked them out and they’re definitely useful if I want to add music to a specific page but I’m looking to add music to a specific slideshow in a post with a few different slideshows.
    Specifically, if you look on my recent post of Autumn Songs, at the end of the post:
    I’d like to add the Buffalo Bills fight song (posted on the page as a YouTube music video) to play underneath the photo slideshow of all the Bills pics. So when someone clicks on just that specific slideshow, the Bills song will play throughout the slideshow.

    Any advice on this??
    Thanks again. Much appreciated.
    Have a good week…



    So when someone clicks on just that specific slideshow, the Bills song will play throughout the slideshow.

    That is not possible, no, as there’s no way to embed audio in a slideshow.

    To do this you’d need a plugin, and plugins can only be used on in the Business Plan.

    Alternately you can convert your slideshow into a video using any video editing software, add the audio there, and then upload the video to Youtube and embed it in your site.

    Even with plugins, browsers are all now starting to block auto-playing audio on sites where the viewer didn’t explicitly click a Play button on an audio player. So a video slideshow might be the only way to have this consistently play the slideshow with audio regardless of browser.



    Thank you so much KokkieH. I appreciate your input. And thanks for pointing me in the right direction on how to achieve this. This gives me a new challenge: to learn how to use video editing.
    This should be fun… :)



    The video editing tools that come standard with Windows should be sufficient for something like this, though I’m sure you’ll find some good free apps online as well. Just be careful when installing anything that you don’t install a bunch of adware along with it :)

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