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How do I add my feed to the sidebar??

  1. I've tried using the text widget, however all I get is the x inside the box thingy.

    Also Ive tried to trackback posts Ive read. I guess Im just not understanding. Can someone help??

  2. With the theme you are using, you don't need a feed in your sidebar. It's at the top of the theme. Putting it in the sidebar would be redundant.

    As for trackbacks - I'm not clear what you are asking. Trackbacks are links back to a post that you are referencing in your own post.

  3. silly me, I saw that. only stupid question is the one not asked, right? anyway ty for your reply.

    Concerning trackbacks: I see the URL for that particular post. My question I guess should have been, *where do I put it to trackback to that particular post?

    Another question while Im do I subscribe a particular blog??

    Pardon me if I sound blog illiterate, however if you dont know you dont know.

  4. Ah - you put trackbacks in the "Send Trackbacks" box below the area where you write your post.

    As to subscribing to another blog: if you want to read it in an RSS reader, you just grab the RSS feed and put it into your reader of choice. Some blogs also have email subscriptions. In that case, you complete the form to get an email.

  5. Thank You very much. Be Blessed

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