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how do i add new features to my blog

  1. im new on here, i just got my blog yesterday so if im in the wrong area you'll have to forgive me. I was wondering how i can add some extra things to my blog such as the ability to quote someone who already made a post. another thing i would like to know how to do is have something that counts down until something happends(like 4 days until.. for example)
    thank you :)

  2. If you want to quote someone else, you'll have to type/copy&paste it by hand. I tend to put things like that between blockquote tags.

    Countdown tickers... I was just looking at the one I use my blog but the site ( is different now. It's more aimed at getting pregnant. Unless I'm totally looking in the wrong place on that site.

    There's another one I've seen referenced in the forums here. I'd have to search for it though. Given that I need to update the ticker I'm using on my blog, I need to find it.

  3. Drat... I was thinking of and that's geared towards having a baby as well.

    If I have time later I'll search Google.

  4. i have a legend of zelda blog so the kind of counter im looking for would be like:

    33 days until Phantom Hourglass (Japan)

    178(?) days until Phantom Hourglass

    something that i can just type whatever in it say how many days are left and it will count down automaticly :)

  5. The one from the tickerfactory used to be like that. You can see it in my blog at

    But like I said, they changed their site and I don't see a way to do anything but baby stuff.

  6. I was wrong... tickerfactory still has the generic ones.

  7. oh cool :) one more question. how do i put it on my blog?

  8. When you get the html code from tickerfactory copy it to the clipboard (control-c), write a post in code view and then just paste (control-v) into the window. You can then switch back to the visual editor to finish writing your post.

  9. ok thanks :D that helps alot!

  10. Glad to be of help :)

  11. BTW you have an interesting website :)

  12. ::grin::


    which one? The one esl one or the one linked to my user name?

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