How do I add Pinterest Profile Widget to WordPress?

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    I was trying to add the Pinterest profile widget to my sidebar through copying and pasting the code to the “Text” widget in WordPress, but for some reason, when I click save, the code reverts to a simple line:

    The original code was:

    The widget then never appears on my blog at all! Can anyone give me some pointers? Thanks in advance!

    The blog I need help with is


    Original code:

    Saved code:


    Saved code: a href=””

    Original Code: a data-pin-do=”embedUser” href=”” data-pin-scale-width=”70″

    I don’t know why it isn’t appearing in the post 1 & 2, but the codes are as above. The opening and closing parentheses are omitted to make it show.



    I have the same issue. Don’t see an answer to your post or many others on the topic so I hope adding another user to the chain will get some attention.


    If you’re using the widget that Pinterest generates on this page, I’m afraid that will not work on any (hosted by WordPress) website. WordPress does not allow Javascript for security reasons which is necessary to run that script. Which is saaaad because I want that widget on my site too. :(


    Just found this pretty good work-around for getting essentially the same thing. It’s not quite as pretty as the official Pinterest widget but worth a look.



    Thanks so much christinaebbers. I didn’t know that was javascript code, I couldn’t see anything like it in the “forbidden code” list, and clearly I’m not the only one who didn’t.

    The responses to these questions have been vague enough to let me think that I could expect a button to appear but that I was doing something wrong. (Perhaps the examples I’ve seen have been sites, too). If a text link is all we can expect then that is OK but if only someone had said it this clearly.

    I’ll check out your workaround suggestion above, thanks so much.



    The suggestion above is not quite what I wanted (I don’t want a stream of my pins, just a “follow me” button) so I had a play around and I’ve come up with something that I hope helps others too.

    I generated a preview of what I want the button to look like here:
    and then I took a screen shot of that button and saved it.

    Then I uploaded this image as a jpeg onto my wordpress media library and then added it as an image (with a link to my pinterest page) using the instructions here:

    I think it’s a bit fuzzy (I saved as high-res as possible?) but is it better than nothing?

    Good luck to everyone else :-)


    Manychacha, I believe the original poster of this thread was looking for the “profile widget” which is what my work-around suggestion addresses.

    But yeah if you just want a button linked to your Pinterest page to act as a follow button, that’s as easy as uploading any image and linking it to your Pinterest profile, exactly as you did. Taking a screen cap of the image Pinterest generates on that page works.

    If you don’t require the image to be personalized like that, you could also use one of their logo images provided here: Or you can even just do a google search for “Pinterest social media button” or “Pinterest follow button”, something like that, and there are oodles of options that can coordinate with buttons for other social media too if you want. See an example on my About page where I have matching buttons for Pinterest, Twitter, Email, and RSS.


    I’m not sure why you’re not getting clear answers elsewhere, as the use of Javascript is pretty clearly the problem you were running into. Maybe Pinterest recently changed the way their widget is generated? Maybe it didn’t use Javascript before and word hasn’t gotten around yet? I dunno.

    For future reference, if there’s ever any code you want to use like this, just glance through it and look for something like this: script type="text/javascript“. There’s your sign that it won’t work.

    Also you may have noticed in the case of the Pinterest widget, they ask you to use one line of code where you want the button to appear, and also another line of code needs to be added to the page (the part they say to put just above your closing </BODY> tag). This is another sign that it won’t work as users do not have access to the raw html of their pages in order to add something like this.

    Hope that helps!



    JavaScript Widgets are not allowed on this multiuser blogging platform for security reasons. You can use any widget that has pure HTML but you cannot use any widgets that contain restricted codes like iframes or JavaScript as the software strips the code out.



    Yes, it was certainly the javascript issue that caused it (and I do understand why it’s not allowed) but I didn’t know I was looking at javascript, sorry, the bit I was looking at didn’t have that phrase in it.

    Thanks again for following up, I really appreciate your time.


    Hi, I have managed to add the link for Pinterest follow in my Pinterest profile widget in my sidebar through copying and pasting the code to the “Text” widget in WordPress – the link does take me to my page on Pinterest however it does not show the ‘Follow Button’ just a blue text with the word Pinterest – so it is not attention grabbing… what have I missed this is driving me crazy I’ve spent hours trying various methods found on many blogs…help please


    @time thief

    Your answer really doesn’t answer my question…and if you don’t remember, you were the one who suggested that I ask in the forums because you didn’t know the answer. I’ve seen you copy and paste the same response so many times in different topics, and it really bothers me because it isn’t helpful or relevant.



    Thank you for responding, I shall try and see if it works!



    I’m sorry. Did you miss the art about the Pinterest profile widget being a JavaScript widget and the face we cannot post them on free hosted blogs? You can of course capture an image, link it to your profile page and display it in a text widget. You can do that with any image.


    Thank you! Your link worked beautifully!

    I see that you honestly do not remember your comment to me that I ask in the forums…but whatever, I don’t want to argue with you anymore. Before even posting a question, I’ve researched it on my own and obviously read the support pages many times, so I find your tone a bit offensive.



    Hi travellingfrenchies, sadly, you are not able to add the button as provided by pinterest because it uses javascript code, that’s why you only see text. If you’re not happy with the text link you can add an image with a link, but not using the code that pinterests provides. See christinaebbers’ suggestions above for a few options about how to do this. Cheers and good luck

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