How do I add Polyvore image?

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    Hi all-

    I have been trying to add/embed my images from a site called Polyvore to my blog posts. Its a site where one can make a collage of images, sort of like how a magazine lays out image pages. Go to to check it out.

    I want to create a WP blog post with text and add/embed my Polyvore images into my post.

    Go to one of my collages on this site:

    From this page, I click on the “Embed This Set” button (upper right area of page)

    From there, I get a pop up with codes for posting to a blog/site or message board. The problem is, when I use these codes in my WP posts, they don’t work. It does not convert to a photo once I post. It just shows up as code in line form.

    What am I doing wrong? Is there a different way to embed an image in WP? Is the Polyvore code just not compatible with WP?

    I have tried copy and paste- but it doesn’t work. I also don’t want to just link to the site since I want my Polyvore creation to show up like a photo in a blog post.

    Any help or ideas would be appreciated.



    Codes that are not allowed get stripped. I’m not really sure what polyvore is, but if it has Javascript or something like that, it won’t work on


    Codes get stripped out in WP if they include javascript, flash, iframes or forms. No such case here. I copy-pasted the “Embed this set” (blog version) in a post and it works alright.


    Note that you don’t paste code in the VISUAL post editor: you must switch to HTML first.


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    It worked for me as well.
    Keep in mind that I sometimes search for my glasses only to realize they are on top of my head,
    but you are pasting the code into the html window?


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    Hi panaghiotisadam


    I did not paste in HTML. THANK YOU. I tried every way BUT that way.


    hi itess

    you’re welcome, jsteinbergdesign

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