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How do I add posts to pages?

  1. wareconsultant

    I am looking for a way to organize posts. On my blog created a post and then clicked on the About Me page but there does not seem to be an easy way to navigate back to my post. From here I created a page called Home with the intent to put Comments in the page but I cannot figure out how.

  2. Could you post a link to your blog here so we can look at it?

    Usually most templates have a link or tab called HOME which is the main blog page. Other, static pages are things like About Me, Site Map, etc, for information that doesn't change over time. You can see the distinction here:

    Usually the default sidebar displays static pages and posts. If we can see the blog we can better make suggestions. Comments can be enabled on all blog spaces by going to Dashboard then Options and Discussion.

  3. I have the same question, so perhaps my blog can serve as an additional template for the answer. I'm working with the Hemingway theme, which I don't know where falls in terms of simplicity vs complexity/featurefulness.

    I have been looking for ways to structure the blog as a whole. What i'd like to see is a main page with fixed content that is always the first pane visible (rather than the most recent posting), along with only the sidebar, etc. In my pages - 'work', for example, I'd like to be able to have posts specific to that page. I've tried doing this with categorical distinctions, but there is still not enough visual distinction between the posts. all still appear in the common post list. In the 'work' page, I'd like to have a running series of 'log' posts that document work progress and the flow of ideas, in which the individual entries were organized by date subtitles. I'd like to create, if possible, something that would be a string of posts all entitled 'log'. Right now, I have this formatted as a flat page in which I paste my log entries onto the page itself, adding visual dividers myself. this is a bit of a hassle, and does not allow me to open a specific entry, or for readers to comment on a single point.

    Essential Is there a way to make the pages within a blog funtion with more independence from one another, so that they can contain their own strings of posts?

    Thanks for your help - I hope that this also illuminates the first asker's problem.

  4. Easily.

    The local tag pages, which you will find if you click on the tags/categories in your sidebar, ARE these pages you're looking for. If you click on the tag for Ponies, for instance, all the posts tagged Ponies will be displayed one after the other, as if the blog were only about those. All other posts vanish. To get back to the main blog, just click on the blog title.

    If you want more separation than the tag pages give, you need separate blogs for each topic. Blog posts will ALWAYS appear in the main blog page. As you can see from the link in my first reply, static pages are static and do not display blog posts. This cannot be changed.

    You can set a static page, even a local tag page, as your start page on your blog if you like. Do this by going to Dashboard -- > Options -- > Reading and making the appropriate choice in the tickbox.

  5. thank you - this was very helpful. I realized I was not making the proper use of the categories at all. Next question though: I see that it is possible to utilize the categories and subcategories, but can this be made visible in the list, in the way that the pages and parent pages are? I'd like to position, for instance, the headings for 'illuminations, songs, and notecards,' as subcategories in days, and have only days and work be the primary categories listed on the front page. can I do this? thank you wordpress guru, L.

  6. I'm afraid I don't know, although there are other people who might be on later who can help. In the meantime, do a forum search for "category hierarchy" and "Nested Categories" because I think it has been gone over several times already.

  7. Reading this topic, I'm getting confused about the tags. I don't have any place to click in my sidebar for tags, which you mention as a solution. Is there something I need to do to get that?

  8. Yes, go to Presentation --> Sidebar widgets and drag the Category/Tag widget into your sidebar. Then all your categories will display.

  9. thanks. I just did it, but I'm not sure I'll keep it--I have A LOT of categories, and it's a really long list. What's the advantage to showing them?

  10. Navigation. If you don't have it, your blog is hard to get around in AND every tag clicked on sends people off your blog to the global tag page. With the categories in the sidebar, the tags clicked there are to LOCAL tag pages, keeping people within your own blog.

    Also, it gives people an idea what you blog about regularly. They can see it all at once.

  11. marcys
    I had the same problem but found I could show categories/tags as a dropdown.
    Click on the categories widget to see the boxes to tick.

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