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How do I add posts to subcategories?

  1. I recently created several subcategories, but I was unable to figure out how to add blog posts to subcategories. How would I do this?

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Actually you add a category which is a subcategory to a post the same way you add other categories, with the categories module in the post editor.

  3. I still don't get it. How do I add categories, then?

  4. You have a "Tips" category, and "My Life" and "Info" categories. How did you add them? There is a categories module in every post editor. See the Categories support page. See also the Category Pages support page.

  5. I really appreciate your help. And I'm sorry that I may seem needy due to all of the comments, but I don't want to give up on this blog. It means a lot to me. I still really don't understand. I have tried doing what you suggested. I know how to add posts to categories. But when I try to add them to subcategories, it doesn't show my subcategories as an option. So there is no way for me to add them to my subcategory. Would you mind giving me an in depth explanation of how to do this? It means a lot to me that you guys are willing to help for free. Thanks. I really need help with this. (I'm not much a website designer.)

  6. Hi there! Can you link me to a specific post that you're trying to categorize and let me know the specific subcategory you're trying to add it to?

  7. Yes of course, but How do i link you?

  8. Open the post in your browser. Then click your mouse in the address bar at the top of the screen (where it says although the http:// part might be hidden by your browser).

    On your keyboard press Command and A at the same time. Then press Command and C to copy the URL. Head back here to the forums and click in the comment box. On your keyboard again, press Command and V to paste the URL.

    Then hit the 'Submit' button. :)

  9. Thank ya very much. But I will need more than one post categorized. should I link you in all of them?

  10. I want this one to be in the subcategory "Breakfast and Brunch". Once again, I don't want it to be where my posts are, such as "3 cheese frittata". When I actually click on "Breakfast and Brunch", I want this to be there.

  11. @ colescreativecorner,

    Hi. The Categories support page includes the following important information about "nesting" categories. Nesting one category within another, and making one category the child of a parent category are two ways of describing the same process. This is how subcategories are created.

    • Use the Parent Category drop down menu to nest a category within a category.
    • Category parent – If you want to nest a category within a category, select the parent category. Otherwise leave at None.

    Additionally, the post categories page on your website should have the following note below the "Parent" drop-down menu:

    Categories, unlike tags, can have a hierarchy. You might have a Jazz category, and under that have children categories for Bebop and Big Band. Totally optional.

    The URL is that of a static page, not a category. is your "Recipes" category page. The URL of a "Breakfast and Brunch" subcategory page of the "Recipes" category page would be It is created by adding a category at the post categories page and assigning the "Recipes" category as its parent. You can not create a post subcategory at the post editor or with the Quick Edit option at All Posts. You can create a subcategory at the post categories page. Your post categories page is at

  12. It looks like musicdoc1 was able to fill in some more info for you while I was offline. Let me know if you're still having trouble with this and I can walk you through adding these categories to your posts. :)

  13. Hello! I have really been trying to do this, but it's just not working out for me, and I just made my blog a domain, so would you mind waking me through how to do this?

  14. Okay! It looks like the issue here may actually be that your menu isn't set up correctly. Let's fix that first, then let me know if your posts aren't being categorized the right way.

    Currently most of your menu items point to the category "Uncategorized" when you want them to point to tags like "Cakes, Frostings, and Other Desserts".

    To fix this, first, let's head to your menu:

    For each menu item, click on the pencil icon to edit the item. From the list of Categories, make sure that the correct one is selected. If not, click on the radio button next to the category that matches the text of the menu item.

    Once you've done all of that, save your changes.

    Revisit your site and let me know if the categories still aren't what you expect. :)

  15. I will definitely try this! Thanks so much for he help! I'll let you know how it turns out, but I still may need some more help. Thank you!

  16. I tried what you suggested, and I think that it got me one step closer to what I need. But I'm still not where I wanted to be. I want to be able to put text on a particular subcategory. Not necessarily a post that I've already done. I just want to know how to put text on a subcategory. That way, when I click on one of my subcategories, it will automatically have a post of my voice on it, instead of saying uncategorized and having default recipes. I'm sorry if I didn't make that clear in the beginning. But I really do appreciate the help. Once again, it's not a post that i already have posted. I just need to know how to post a post to any given subcategory, so that it's the only thing that shows up. Thank you!

  17. Hi there! I'd love to help you with this. So I can be sure I fully understand what you want, can you give me a super specific example?

    It would be helpful to link to a specific page on your site, specify the part of the page you want to change, and what you want to change it to. Or link me to a draft post and then link me to the specific category or subcategory that you want it to appear on.

  18. My problem is fixed now! I figured it out! But thank you so much for all of the help. I'm so happy that it's fixed now! Thanks again and have a wonderful rest of the day!

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