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How do I add sitemeter

  1. I went on to sitemeter to add it to my wordpress site, and it told me to go to the presentations page and click on theme editor. Well, I dont' have a theme editor option. How can I add sitemeter to my site?

  2. It can be added via your links manager.

  3. I need to do a faq on this on. Anyone care to suggest a SiteMeter service that they like?


  4. Unfortunately Site Meter currently can't be added to blogs on

    There needs to be some way of adding javascript to the template file but currently the template files aren't editable.

    (The wordpress instructions on Site Meter are for wordpress blogs that you host yourself.)

    -=David Smith

  5. Didn't there used to be a non-javascript version of sitemeter? (years since I used it, but I'm sure I remember there being one)

  6. Yes, there is a non-javascript version but since the template isn't editable, that one can't be added either (at least as far as I can tell).

  7. Truth be told, I recall someone here noted a blog that did have a Sitemeter in their sidebar and at the time I looked at it the display was over 9000 hits.

    Maybe a search will turn it up.

  8. Sitemeter Cannot be added in the links. Even if it is a HTML Only Version. Simply because the links do not support any HTML in between even the <b> tag, i've experimented.!

  9. I just figured out how to add it. You can't add the javascript version with this method (which is too bad) but the non-javascript one will work fine.

    Signup for a Site Meter account and get a copy of the HTML for the account. Add a "link" in your wordpress blog that has three things;

    "URI" - Copy from the href attribute in the Site Meter HTML.

    "Link Name" - Enter 'Site Meter'

    "Image URI" - Copy from the src attribute in the Site Meter HTML.

    Save the link and then add it to a category that has show images checked.

    I hope that is clear enought but in any case, I'll write up some better instructions and add them to Site Meter in the next couple days.

    -=David Smith

  10. Wow, I'll be trying it out next.. Sounds great. Wish I could add statcounter, that's the most advance stats sytem ever

  11. Adding this to the FAQ.

    <humour>You can send me my check later. :)</humour>


  12. pointsofdeparture

    Thanks David, it works great!

  13. it doesn't work for me. It's been on all day and it's showing 0 in every slot. :(

  14. wait, i made a mistake. It's working great. Thanks!

  15. All right, a bit off topic maybe, but I don't think I need to start a new thread...

    Does this apply to adding a PayPal Donate button as well? I've tried to paste the thing into a Page and it doesn't take...

    Same principle as the Sitemeter HTML?

  16. I have no idea, but try it and let us know what happens.

  17. I've seen the Paypal button located within posts if that helps.


  18. Just signed up for a Site Meter account and it gave detailed and clear instructions for cut-and-paste installing on WordPress. Yes, it is the non-Java version. No coding needed:

  19. yay finally i got a counter after hours of searching

  20. Hmmm... I'm not so sure my Site Meter is working!?! Someone want to click around my site so I can see if I get visitors?

    Also, the "button" is not showing up. David, any thoughts about that? Maybe it's the template I'm using?

  21. Got the counter working, but the "button" still doesn't show up. I think it has something to do with the template as I've switched templates and it shows up in others. FYI.

  22. Check the "link category" that you've added Site Meter has "image" checked in category options. That may be why the button isn't showing up.

  23. I put sitemeter in my wordpress hosted blog per the instruction
    on sitemeter's site, and I see wordpress hits, no referrers though.

    Sample: [swlscroll is my website page for SWL streamers ie. BBC... RNW...]

  24. Unfortunately, referrals won't showup because does't give a way to add the javascript version of the Site Meter HTML. The javascript version is necessary to collect the referrals and a few other bits of visitor info.

  25. sitemeter (aka david?), does the site meter work slow? from home I was trying to test is and I refreshed the page a few times........ ok, that worked, got for hits. Then I tested it again, and checked for hits... none. Until this morning when I got four more hits.


    wordpress stats say I have "20 views" but site meter, nothing new.

    What gives?

  26. onlyinsanfran, until you actually see the Site Meter button on your blog, it hasn't been added to your blog and itsn't tracking your traffic. Check the "link category" where you've added Site Meter and make sure "image" is checked in category options.


  27. I did all that. Several times now. I believe it has something to do with the BLIX template I was using. I changed the templates around and saw it in almost every other one of them except.. Blix, the one I REALLY REALLY want to use. Grrrr. So frustrating!!

    Thanks for your help though, I do appreciate it.

  28. I cant seem to get my site meter to work either, I have added the link no problem, and the "images" box is checked in my link category, but the button is not showing up, and the meter does not seem to be working.

  29. Ahhh... Apparently someone is working on enabling
    sitemeter for wordpress-hosted blogs...

    Westland, Michigan
    11:45:34 am 1 0:00
    Osterhaide, Nordrhein-W...
    11:40:52 am 1 0:00

  30. sitemeter works great with ... tried and tested.

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