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How do I add sitemeter

  1. Rambling, have you clicked on the little white box with lines on the right hand side of the text widget? That will open up the editing window.

  2. Ha! Thanks, drmike! The text thing now works. I was just frustrated with the sitemeter thing when I posted.

    I still can't get sitemeter to work on my blog.

    Do you know of other counters that can be used with wordpress?

  3. Hey drmike,

    I figured out how to do the sitemeter thing afterall...

    Had to create a text widget with the html coding, per your post on 7/19.

    I just wish that I could add that icon under the "blog stats" widget instead of on it's own, but's working now. :-)


  4. F everyone's I, here's step-by-step directions to add Site Meter's counter to WordPress blogs:

    F my I: As has been mentioned, Site Meter uses Javascript to track referrals, search engine keywords and some other stuff, and WordPress doesn't allow it. Has anyone found a stat counter that tracks that stuff without Javascript?


  5. That's the old instructions that may no longer work. Here's the new instructions that will if those don't work.

  6. Hi, as a new user I tried to add site meter in the blogroll and in a text widget followint the the new instruction but I cannot make it work. Tried to change the theme also (Kubrick and Benevolence) and also created a new account with site meter to no avail.
    Is there another trick to make it work ?
    thanks a lot

  7. Hello again. It finally worked with the text widget (the link didn't show an image) so that's it.

  8. Well, on both of my blogs in which the "referrer" was working properly through statcounter is now dead - it's as if I'm somehow changed over to an HTML only counter - which I'm not. I have got the statcounter code in both a text widget as well as within a post, but no luck.

    Anyone else see their referrer links gone?

  9. @dearmaryam
    This thread is a sitemeter thread and you appear to have a question pertaining to statcounter. It doesn't seem to be a a wordpress issue. It would seem that if your statcounter is not doing something that it did do before the statcounter "help" or support at statcounter is where you could direct your question to.

  10. In case you're looking for instructions here you go

  11. I've just put statcounter on my blog via a text widget . The counter shows up fine on the blog - but so does part of the html code!!! Duh, am I just daft and missed something basic, or is there a problem with uploading html code from statcounter into a text widget? The instructions said to place the code between <html> <body> and </body> </html>. However, in a text widget no 'body' code is displayed. Please advise. Thanks

  12. Read this whole thread and you'll find the solution.

  13. Why all the worry about this stuff, anyway? Is blogging only about stats? How about just having some fun?

    Why worry, because I've had stalker problems on my previous blog and I need to know if they've tried to follow me, hence I need a meter that gives me the info I need.

  14. I believe that those reading this old thread may benefit from reading this one in the FAQs

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