How do I add symbols to my post?

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    If I’m doing a movie review or something and I want to put stars and half stars alongside the movie name what do I have to do? If i use wingdings and have it in my post already while im pasting it onto my blog will the stars remain that way or will they turn into numbers and stuff? Because whenever I use the long hyphen it becomes 3/4 once the post is published.


    Using the “Visual” screen at the end there is the option to use the Advanced Toolbar. Click that and you’ll see the option to use “Insert Custom Characters”. That should help.


    tip – Using the Alt tap and the letter V will also bring up the Advanced toolbar, only from the Visual Screen.



    but there are no stars, ther’s just the normal symbols lik the copyright, trademark and other stuff. any idea how i can get symbols like stars, or tiny knives and stuff?



    Whatever you post is going to use the default font for your theme. Wingdings are not a part of the character set, nor does everyone have Wingdings on their computer.

    You can either make a graphic of what you want to use or maybe use a combination of the symbols in the Custom Characters to create your own rating system and list the Key to the system in a text widget somewhere in your sidebar.


    The Shift-8 key will give you a star



    I would suggest making them little images and just placing them into the post like that. Then you can ensure that all users will be able to see them, and they will not change from post to publish.

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