How do I add the Liebster Award icon To BlogSite

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    how do I add an award icon to my blogsite (not just a post)? This one:


    The blog I need help with is


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    You can use the link to the picture to insert it into a draft post. Then switch to the text editor and copy the code. Paste into text widget.
    Below is the code:
    <img class="aligncenter" alt="" src="" width="200" height="111" />



    Thanks–will give it a go! I found a diff way to do it but will substitute this way and see what happenes….



    Just tried it–did NOT work. Are you missing a step that might be obvious to you? It just showed up the code on the blog page. The other way I did it works, but the image is not crystal clear. I did an Image widget and messed around with height and length….


    Hi fpdorchak
    i’m a new wordpress blogger and got a liebster award – did you use the “Text” widget instead of the “Image” ? I followed 1tess’s instruction and it came out great.
    i don’t know what else i’m supposed to do for this award, like how many others to award it to, if any.
    Glad to Be Alive



    a) For correct coding in a Text widget see here:
    b) Tess’s width “200” was calculated for Ocean Mist. In Splendio the width of the sidebar is 270px.
    c) Images downsized by WP lose quality, plus some bad browser versions may not understand the standard downsizing (and will display the image in its original size or distorted), especially if the image is hosted elsewhere. Best practice is to copy the image to your computer, use an image editing application to downsize it to the right width, upload it to your computer via Media > Add New, copy the File URL, and use that URL in a Text widget or an Image widget.


    great information – guess i’m not clear on the differences between themes
    i’m bookmarking your site for further exploration



    Sorry, Jackie, didn’t get back to you earlier, been having PC problems. Here’s a link to my site for info on the Liebster award: I have another link in there as well. Used to be that people who got it just needed to nominate only three people, and now, somehow, it’s turned into 11. Just be prepared that not everyone will be enthralled with getting this, cause it can be viewed as a “chain letter,” not to mention it’s a fair amount of work to lump on others. I like that a peer liked my work enough to “highlight” it, but just be prepared that not everyone will be interested in it, especially at the “11” mark for things about themselves, nominations, etc. Hope this helps, but have FUN with your own award. :-]

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