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How do I add this feature on my blog?

  1. I have been looking for something like what I show below to add to my blog, and because I haven't found it I have been slow to progress. Basically what I want is to add either the exact same thing or something very similar to it. My purpose is for people to while on my blog put the mouse over each line of lyrics and then this type of box will be able to pop up. I want to have things I will write in the box that explains each line.

    Here is an example of what I want:

    In this example, if you go down to the part that says: "Links and Tutorials", below this are some links. When you wave the mouse over it, it puts up a box with the wording or image in it, and I want to do this and know how to put wording in this box.

    Thank you very much for your help!

  2. Hello eschark,

    To achieve this you need to go to
    dashboard->Design->Extras->Check mark Enable Snap Shots on this blog->then save changes...


  3. Not exactly.

    What you must do is make the text a link, but make it link to a nonexistant site like http:///. Then in your alt text, you put the words you want to write. Be careful of punctuation and length, because it will cut off.

    Snap shots are not the same thing; they just give you a preview of the place the link goes to. If it goes nowhere, then they are not useful.

  4. Thank you very much, this is really helpful. Anymore insights are helpful.

  5. OK, I have enabled snap shots, but I don't actually know where and how to make a snap shot and make a word have that or a whole line of words as I want. Where is the actual design feature for this?

  6. There IS no design feature for it. All the Snap Shot does is preview where a link goes to. If you want the Snap Shot to have content, you have to link it to a page. So if you don't want to link to a pre-existing page, you will have to write one, yourself and make that link go to it.

    My recommendation is not to use Snapshots. It is to do what I suggested, which will pop up a short line of text where you can have a definition or translation.


    Explains in more detail how to make a hover text/tool tip on a false link.

  8. Ok, well, it doesn't seem these are the best options for my site, I may have to go with the hovering option though. But I did find a link of exactly I want. Here is an example:

    If you go to the word that is in bold italics "explicit". If you click on that it then displays a box with some chinese characters and other stuff. Regardless of what is in the box, my point is I want to do exactly this. I want a box like this that will open only upon clicking, not just upon hovering over it. But the difference is, I want to make it line by line, not word by word. So, I want an entire line of poetry or lyrics of a song to be one line to click on.

    I am sorry for all the hassle, I really want to get this going, and appreciate your time and patience and sharing of your skills. I am really really ABC with this stuff, so please, explain as simple as possible.

  9. MEMBERS PLEASE NOTE: eschark asked about the exact same thing two weeks ago, and got several replies.
    Apparently we failed to convince him.

  10. Thank you, you stated it right, "about", but I found something different, so please note, that is why I am asking, my question may seem the same, but it is concerning a different type of coding I am sure.

    Sorry for those I am bothering, if it bothers you, you may simply choose to ignore and answer others:)

  11. No, it's the same coding. Exactly the same. That is what's possible here at and that is that.

  12. Ok, thank you very much for your help, I will try to figure this all out, if I need assistance and help. I hope this will not be a place where I or any will feel intimidated or worried about asking questions.

    Thanks for your kindness.

  13. Well, I am hands-down the most intimidating person here, and I have no problem answering your questions. You're never rude or snarky.

    What's going on is, people are talking about two different things. You just need to decide which works for you.

  14. @eschark-what people are saying is that has certain limitations. The people who have answered your question in both places understand those limitations and have suggested solutions workable for your blog.

    Whenever you have another question about the same topic, it's a good idea to tack it on to your previous thread if it is still open. The reason being that way people reading the thread can see what's been suggested before.


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