How do I aggregate multiple student blog feeds

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    For years, I have used Livejournal to aggregate blog postings from my students. Each student would sign up for a separate Livejournal account, and we would then use the “friends” page to generate an up-to-date list of class-related postings.

    This semester, I’m making the transition to WordPress, and am trying to figure out the most effective way of implementing something similar. So far, I’ve realized that it’s possible to create a group blog and then ask the students to create individual WordPress acccounts. Then, I can add students to the blog via their e-mail addresses. If I do this, is it possible for the students to “tag” their blog postings if they want something on their individual blog to not appear on the group blog? And, if a student is enrolled in more than one class with me, would it be possible for them to decide which group page gets the posting according to the tag that they assign their posting?

    I’m experimenting further, but wondered if anyone might have some quick thoughts about this.

    The blog I need help with is



    Use the Author Widget to sort by students

    Category and Tags to sort by class and / or subject.

    They can set a Post to Private or Password Protect to limit access by others.

    Yes each Student / Author needs their own account on WordPress.COM

    A Post can have more than one Category and/or Tag

    I would probably use the Category to sort by Class, then Tags for the subject of the Post.

    All in all a straight forward and easy use for WordPress if I understand your requirements.

    Good Luck



    I have a similar goal in aggregating a student blog.
    I do not understand how the author widget on would allow rss posts to aggregate in the main posting area. The best I’ve been able to get is to get rss feeds to aggregate in the sidebar.

    What am I missing?



    Hello there. The RSS Widget displays posts from any RSS feed. You can place RSS widgets in your sidebar only but not on pages or in posts.
    Happy blogging. :)



    RSS feeds cannot be aggregated in the main body of a blog. This has been disabled because it’s a tool used primarily by spammers. is an excellent blogging platform, but it is not an aggregator.

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