How do I align photos and text?

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    I’m trying to create a *very* simple and clean-looking free website for a friend–an academic who wants her bio, promotion for her new book, and key elements of her CV on a few pages that won’t change much.

    I can’t use CSS or plugins with the free program.

    What I want to do with the book promo page is have the book title going across the top of the page, a cover shot of the book on the left, and then a couple of brief endorsements on the right (i.e. two columns of content).

    Then I want the body of the text describing the book to go across the page below (one column).

    However, it seems *very* hard to insert a photo (easy) AND insert text that sits to the right of the photo and is neatly aligned with the photo (it keeps going higher or lower than the photo border), and without the photo and quotes extending much farther to the right than the text body.

    I can tinker with the font size, but that’s very fiddly: I also find that what I see when I’m working, what I see in “Preview” and what I see in the published page (I’m keeping it private till it’s ready to be public) are three different things.

    It seems like there should be a way to insert a photos, draw one or more text boxes to the right of the photo (like I would in Word) and then fill them with text . I’ve tried the “photo with text” mode but it’s really hard to control where the text boundaries are or how much space they take up, and they don’t align with the adjoining photo.

    I’ve tried five or so different themes and keep getting variations of the same problem.

    Can anyone help me? Thank you!!!

    The blog I need help with is



    Hi there,

    it keeps going higher or lower than the photo border

    The columns actually do have a vertical alignment option — that might be what you’re looking for. Want to check and see? It’s the option that appears when you first pick your column layout.


    Thanks! That doesn’t seem to work…the text block is close to the top, but not aligned *exactly* with the image block in the theme I’m using now. In other themes the alignment was ever further off. Is there any way to drag a block around in small increments as one can with a Word text box?


    Hi –

    What page or post are you working on? I’d like to take a closer look at the alignment.

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