How do I allow comments without requiring an e-mail address

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    The blog is currently set to approve all comments. Is this why commentors are required to provide an e-mail address? I would like to NOT require the e-mail address.

    Thanks, Sue



    Do you have a blog? Please give us a direct link to it (starting with http) so that we can help.


    uhhhh can someone answer the same question nnlib had?



    Um – not without a link to your wordpress.COM blog.


    I believe that if you go to Settings – Discussion, unchecking the “comment author must fill out name and e-mail” box will do it



    Those instructions may or may not apply if the person who asked is not hosted here at wordpress.COM. That’s why we ask for a link to the blog.


    You could have answered the question starting with “If your blog is hosted at wordpress.COM and not wordpress.ORG…”



    Um, no. I have a rule: no answer without a link. Far too many people ask questions here and after the volunteers spend way too much time helping them, it is discovered that the person posting is not hosted here. And quite a number of them, even when we point out that the software is different or point them to this thread persist in believing that the software is the same. Take a look at this thread if you think I’m not kidding.

    You, of course, are free to do as you wish.



    That should be “if you think I am kidding.”

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