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How do I alphabetize my posts?

  1. I began a movie review blog, with each post being a different movie review. I would like my posts to be organized alphabetically, rather than by post date. Also, I would like an index. I have also purchased the CSS editor upgrade, but still can't figure out how to do this.
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  2. The CSS upgrade won't let you do that, since at its core, WordPress displays posts in chronological order (most recent to oldest), always. You could possibly work around that using the posts' publish dates, however.

    Index pages are automatically generated, so that if you created A to Z categories, you could display them using a custom menu or even the archives shortcode.

  3. Thanks. Hypothetically, if I was to make all of my posts the same publish date and time, in what order would they appear?

  4. That's a great question! I just did a quick test with five posts and they appear to be displaying in reverse-alphabetical order.

  5. Thanks! Are there any plans in the future for an easy option to display posts in alphabetical order, rather than dates?

  6. You're welcome!

    Other display options are under consideration.

  7. awesome. thanks again.

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