How do i archive old posts as a group?

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    My blog is about travel. Each year we take a trip. I would like last trip’s posts to be in an archive together (under the catagory name Coast to Coast 2011) so that when the blog page is opened, only the posts from the new trip appear. If you want to see last years trip, you could go to the archive. Is that possible? Thanks

    The blog I need help with is



    The easiest way to do this is to use the Bulk Editor on the Posts dashboard page and add the category or tag Coast to Coast 2011 to each of the relevant posts. Then you can link to the category page for those posts, eg either in your sidebar or in a custom menu.


    Thank you so much for your help but unfortunately for you…I’m just not that bright. To link the category page, do I “add new” link or “link categories”. Sorry, I really appreciate the help. Will the posts be relegated to the new link or will they still appear as they do now on the blog page?



    I have a question about this too. And it’s a little different I think. I do understand about making all those posts go under their own tag or category, and you can then link to those.
    But my question is, how to then make it where those posts are just archived and don’t show up in the scrolling?
    I have a similar thing in my blog, a special event called Kim’s Journey. During the posts about that event, we also had other regular blog posts. I would really like it if the posts from Kim’s Journey were only accessible via the link to its tag or category, and not on all the scrolling through the blog.

    ?? Is this possible? Here’s our blog:

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