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how do i arrange categories?

  1. muslimmaterial

    I have a question. Can't we arrange categories in the order we liked? Suppose we have a category called Cooking and the sub-categories are Indian, Mexican and Thai. Can't we then arrange this in the manner we like...maybe thai first then mexican and then indian...or any other order we prefer.

  2. You can, depending on the blog. We need a link to answer.

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  4. You could arrange them in a "text widget" in the sidebar but it's a lot of work to do that, as the categories could keep changing quite a bit over time.

  5. You can show categories hierarchically by editing the categories widget and setting it to display hierarchy, but the top level categories (parent) are going to be alphabetical and the lower levels (children and grandchildren, etc.) will be alphabetical underneath those.

    To have complete control, you would have to do as John suggested and create your own categories widget using a text widget and then manually update it whenever you created a new category or subcategory.

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