How do I attach a photo page to my gallery widget?

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    I installed a gallery widget but couldn’t upload my photo posts onto it. It remained inactive. Now, my photos appear on the Home page together with my article posts. I want to have a separate photo page and not have photos and articles mixing.

    I tried making my gallery a menu item before too, but it’s like my 2013 theme doesn’t support it? Though i have seen some sites using this theme and they have multiple menus. thanks

    The blog I need help with is



    Help please, anyone?
    I need a separate photo page. Do I need to change my theme?



    The Gallery widget is completely independent of any photo page and you can create both.

    When you add the Gallery widget to your site’s sidebar, you can choose to add images from your Media Library or upload new images. See here:

    When you say the widget “remained inactive” could you please be more specific? After adding/uploading your images, did you click the “insert gallery” button?

    Also, if you wish to add a category like “Gallery” or Photos” to your menu bar, you’ll need to create a Custom Menu following these instructions: This will replace the existing menu bar.

    Photos spice up your site, so I would definitely mix those images and words and use the photos to illustrate or enhance.

    Also, Twenty Thirteen is big on post formats. Check them out here: and on the Twenty Thirteen demo site.

    Best wishes.



    Oh, thanks!

    I apparently uploaded my photo gallery before installing the gallery widget, and I expected that it would just link on to the existing gallery.
    I will also explore the post formats and see how I can take advantage of them.

    Yes, I created a custom menu at first but it knocked my ‘About’ menu off, so I opted out of that option. I am still unclear about the other blogs using the 2013 theme and showing 3 items on the menu bar?

    Thanks again.

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