how do I attract readers to my blog?

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    As you can probably already tell I’m pretty new to blogging, But I think some of the stuff I write about is knowledgable,and could be of interest to many people-but I don’t know how to attract any readers, much less people willing to interact with insightful comments. How can I fix this? I will appreciate any help, Thanks

    The blog I need help with is



    lease do a search of the forum when you have a question; there are over a thousand tips here already.



    Good Evening, I suggest you start with these 2 support entries and then do forum searches as raincoaster advised.

    It’s impossible to give you accurate blog specific advice on gaining readers without spending valuable time visiting and assessing your site and your skill sets to determine what you have done already, what corrections you need to make, and then developing a program for you. I am NOT prepared to do that free of charge.

    What I am prepared to do is to direct you to my blog post which lays out the twenty five basic steps to establish and increase the flow of organic (unpaid) traffic to your site. You will find that those steps are internally linked to tutorials.
    Best wishes :)

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