How do I auto-forward WP posts to other blog sites like Blogger/Posterous/Tumblr

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    Hi all,

    How do I auto-forward my WordPress blog posts to other blog sites like Blogger/Posterous/Tumblr?

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    The blog I need help with is


    If you are talking about a blog hosted here on wordpress.COM, that is one of the favorite tools of sploggers (spam blogger) and wordpress does not support sploggers.

    Also, duplicate content on the web will absolutely get the search engines to toss your blogs (all of them with the duplicate content) into the nearest sewer grate. In other words, they will drop you to the bottom of search result and take a chainsaw to your page rank.



    You can export excerpts, which won’t have that negative SEO effect tsp mentions. It is, however, an extremely inefficient way to promote your blog. It’s better to import it into Facebook and publicize on Twitter; those will get you readers.

    Each platform has a different system of importing, usually RSS based. Check on the dashboard of your blog at each of hte other sites.


    WordPress makes it very easy to publicize your new posts as explained here.

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