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How do i block a certain individual from MAKING a comment ?

  1. I have a stalker.
    I've blocked his emails , but i now find he is trying to contact me by leaving comments on my wordpress site.
    I've looked for some way of blacklisting his email , but i can only see spam moderation.
    I don't want this individual to be able to leave a comment that i will still have to read and moderate.
    I want to know if there is a way to block him completely ??

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Yes, easily. Under Settings->Discussion, put his username or his email, or both, into the Blacklist box. There are two boxes on that page: one for moderation and one for the blacklist.

  3. thanks but i had a look at that , and from my understanding of it , i will still have to view and moderate this individuals comments.
    I'm looking for some way to block them completely , so that they are unable to comment at all , because i will have blocked their email address and key words.
    A complete block , and they will know they are blocked and are unable to post the comment in the first place.
    Anything like that ?

  4. There is no way on a public blog to block any individual completely block anyone. Moreover we can all get a new IP and new email address in no time flat. raincoaster has supplied what you can do and it takes only moments to moderate a comment and send it to the Trash. Your only other alternative is to set your blog visibility to "private".

  5. yes i appreciate that. I just would prefer to not have to read the stalkers comments at all , but i understand the situation and i've done what raincoaster suggested.
    Thanks for taking the time to reply both of you =)

  6. You're welcome from me and thanks for returning so we know you understand the only options and this issue is resolved. :)

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