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How Do I Buy 10 Credits For Domain Mapping???!!!!

  1. I have set up a blog and also have a domain name, now I'm ready domain map my domain name to my blog but I cant buy 10 credits. I can but credits for the upgrades but its actually quite hard to buy the credits needed to domain map. Is there an option to buy credits for domain mapping?

  2. You buy them from Paypal. When you follow the domain mapping instructions there's a link to pay and that takes you to Paypal where you buy the credits.

  3. I'm sorry but I cant see it. It tells me that the domain is already owned, which is correct!, but my domain already directs to blog. I just need the blog to keep the domain name as I cant see the option to buy the credits. The only option I have is to retry it, I cant see where I can buy the credits. The hardest way I've seen of company asking for money!

  4. Hi can anyone help me with this, Im really stuck at the moment. Sorry Im a bit rude, Im just frustrated, this is the last step before I can start blogging.

  5. Have you read the FAQ? Note that you have to change the nameservers over to the ones BEFORE you can do anything else. Have you done that?

  6. Thats great many thanks, but I've noticed that it removes the "www." when I use the domain name It goes to Done anyone know why it does that?

  7. It's also in the FAQ and there are technical reasons for it but as I understand it, www is redundant and strips it out.

  8. I can't figure out how to only buy 10 credits to add a domain. The "Upgrades" page only sells credits in denominations of $15 and up. WHY!!??

  9. You have to follow all of the instructions in the domain mapping FAQ. Before you can buy the 10 credits, you have to have already changed the nameservers and have them pointing here.

  10. Where do I find a bill for the Credits which I have bought? Need it because it will be a corporate blog

  11. There is no bill; you do get a receipt after you've paid though.

  12. theplace4mortgages

    Nope I can't find how to pay for these credit either, and have done all I can on Domain Mapping! Please can someone be kind enough to paste the link into here? Thanks.

  13. theplace4mortgages

    I've just paid $20 in upgrades credits and still can't Domain map! aaahhhggg!!!

  14. Did you look at the FAQs linked above? And follow the steps EXACTLY?

  15. theplace4mortgages

    Yes, I am following the question:
    Q: I own, and want to map a subdomain of that to my blog. Is that possible?
    A: Yes. You will need to add a DNS CNAME at your DNS provider before the domain mapping will work. You should not change your nameserver information if you just want to map a subdomain. The CNAME should look something like the following: IN CNAME [your-blog]

    Once that DNS entry has been added login to your Dashboard, click on Settings > Domains and enter into the box. If everything is setup correctly, it will allow you to map the subdomain to your blog. If things are not quite right the system will let you know and provide suggestions on what you need to do to remedy the problem.
    Note: You cannot map only the “www” subdomain since we remove the www from all the URLs at

    DNS record changed, but nowhere on this site does it let me pay/top up/upgrade for the 10 credits allowed. The support tool is frustrating and no one replies. Again...aaaagggghhhhh!

  16. In general I love bit I am experiencing similar extreme frustration with CNAME and getting to point to sort of thing.

    I own and it is hosted on a virtual server at 1&1 (1and1). Using the Plesk control panel on my virtual server I created a CNAME record for with the correct entry.

    So, it would seem I am ready to go. tells me it will not ask for my credits until the DNS is working okay.

    But when I tell to add the subdomain it tells me there is a problem. It suggests I create a CNAME record (which I have already done). And then it states

    "Domain mapping is available for 10 credits per domain per year, registration not included. You have 0 credits. You will have to purchase additional credits via PayPal."

    Like several others on the forum I can't a. find where to purchase the credits, b. determine if the process is failing because I have not got credit, or som other issues.

    In general I love, but this is getting frustrating.

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