How do I cancel my upgrade

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    I want to cancel my upgrade, but the Cancel option is not included under My Upgrades. I don’t use this site and don’t plan to use it. I have already been charged $30.00 for the upgrade. I’d like a refund.

    The blog I need help with is



    We want you to love everything you do at, so we provide a 30-day refund on all of our upgrades except Domain Registrations, Domain Renewals, and Guided Transfers. You can request a refund yourself directly from the Store -> My Upgrades section of your Dashboard, or contact support to request a refund.


    Like I said, clicking on “contact support” only routes me to the support form. If there is a way to directly contact WP support, I’d love some instruction. I feel like I’m being pushed in a never ending circle.



    If you’re not the original purchaser of the refund, you won’t have a refund option on the Upgrades page. If the refund period has expired, you won’t have a refund option. Which upgrade did you purchase and how long ago?


    I am the original purchaser. I originally purchased it one year ago. The upgrade renewal was charged to me 3 days ago.



    Hi there, I see that you’ve been in touch with Fred and that he canceled and refunded your upgrade. Please note that it usually takes 1-2 weeks for the refund to post.


    Thank you Jenia and Fred. I very much appreciate the assistance.


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