How Do I Center an Image?

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    I posted a picture that was too wide to fit completely in the column of my theme. I’ve tried different themes and the best I could come up with was to have the right side of the picture sticking out of the column. Is there any way that I can get the picture to be centered so that it sticks out just a little on boths sides of the column? I dont want to scale down the picture because it makes it too hard to see.

    Any help is greatly appreciated



    You have to make the image narrower than the widest point in the post content area of your theme. It is no different than trying to put a rectangle in a square. Too wide and it breaks if you force it.

    I suggest that you look for a non-fixed width WordPress Theme, one that fills the whole width of the page. I don’t know which ones do, but take a look.

    Or make it thumbnail so people have to click it to see the full image. That’s the easiest solution.



    Um, that better not be a Penny Arcade comic you have on your site without any credit back to those folks. They don’t take too kindly to stuff like that.



    Sorry about not giving Penny Arcade credit. I linked the picture to the actual site. I hope that fixes the problem, if not just tell me what to do.

    Is there any way to use downloaded themes without having to buy the upgrade? None of the given themes seem to be wide enough.



    (1) Go to the PennyArcade website an see what their requirements are with regard to posting their work. Follow their requirements.

    (2) You have chosen one of the narrow themes. In fact it may be the most narrow them there is. If you swtiched to this theme it is widerand will cover the whole screen WordPress Classic 1.5 by Dave Shea.

    (3) But I don’t think you’re really getting the point here. The point is not to post huge images it is to post thumbnails like lorelle said: “Or make it thumbnail so people have to click it to see the full image. That’s the easiest solution.” In that case you get a photobucket or flickr account. The images are hosted on the 3rd party server and not on wordpress servers.

    (4) No there is no way to download other themes without purchasing the upgrade. The other wordpress thmes (over 800 of them) are for and are on a different code base than we are on. We are on a multi user base and all of the themes must be re-written to be used on



    The Penny Arcade issue has been resolved. Keeping the pic with a link back would have been fine as well I would think.

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