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How do I center horizontally oriented images in the "grey box" that appears afte

  1. some images are not centered in the "grey box" that forms when there is a comment attached to the image. They look centered in the edit area, but on the actual blog, unless the image is vertically oriented, it is not centered. Ex. see Gallery 1 page on my blog. How do I fix this?
    Blog url:

  2. Can you try removing the caption from one of the images?

  3. This doesn't have to do with portrait-shaped images, it has to do with images that are wider than the allowed maximum. You can correct it in three different ways:
    a) Upload images that are 582px wide or less. That's the ideal solution, because this way you save storage space and you get better quality on the post.
    b) Go to Settings > Media, set the width for the Large option to 582, then select Large instead of Full-size when uploading and inserting images.
    c) For the images you have already inserted, edit the pages, switch the editor to "Text", and turn each one of these:
    [caption id="ETC ETC" width="600"]
    to this:
    [caption id="ETC ETC" width="582"]

    Now, since this is due to an oversight in the CSS of the theme you're using, you could also post in the Themes forum about is so that the WP theme team can see it and hopefully fix it.

  4. Thanks, Panos. The reason I mentioned removing the caption was to see if that corrected the resizing problem. See the second "Some Points to Consider" here.

    Regardless, in either case, the theme still needs some Theme Team love, so I'll just go ahead and tag this to have it moved to the Themes forum.

  5. And just to correct the misnomer, the OP isn't using the Gallery feature, but inserting images into a Page.

  6. Thanks very much for your help!

  7. Sorry for the trouble, we're looking into this!

  8. Thanks, I forgot to say that it happens when the image is horizontally over 582 (I think that's right) pixels. And it's only when it's on a page not on the blog part.

  9. Hi there. Thank you for bringing this issue to our attention. It should be fixed now!

  10. Thanks! It looks great now!

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