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How do I centre a RockYou slideshow?

  1. Does anyone know how to centre (Ok "center" for US spellers) a RockYou slideshow?. It's quite simple with video but I'm a little lost on the RockYou side as nothing seems to work.

  2. Have you tried using div tags?

    <div align="center">[the rockyou code]</div>

    That may work.

  3. Hi -I've tried that and no that does not appear to work. Thanks for the suggestion though.

  4. This post looks centered to me in IE6.

    What are you looking at and what browser and browser version are you using?

  5. I think all these little plugins (rockyou, sliding player, odeo player, youtube player) available for don't really work if you try putting them in the centre, left, or right. I tried them all and it remained in the "middle". I'm afraid the code has already been fixed, there's no other way to place them the way we wanted them to be.

  6. @drmike:
    It's not centered using Firefox on a Mac

  7. It's not centered using Firefox on WinXP either (left justified)

  8. Interesting - yes I was viewing in Firefox on a Mac , but it's centred when I view via Safari. Fair enough- is this a Firefox fault or a coding fault?

  9. Hi!
    I tryed to center my slideshow, but it didn't work.
    I belive in what knoizki said: the codes are fixed

  10. hmmm....

    I was able to get correct centering useing the DIV tags via the CODE view

    I did however create a page to display my pic slideshow rather than a post

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