How do I change a header and slideshow?

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    On ‘edit page’ there is a box at top where you can put in txt. Is there a way I can make that txt smaller to my desired size and change the font.
    Also I am using pilcrow and want to know if I can make the black borders on my slide show dissapear using the wordpress set up or is it possible to do this with flickr or slideshare. If not can you recomend another theme that would elimibate this ugly frame. many thanks, Geoff
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    To make these sort of changes, you’ll need a Custom Design upgrade and apply them via CSS.


    Thanks macmanx, I now have cust design upgrade and have made a few changes on css. I would like to change some things on my nav bar. I have worked out how somethings but would like to know how
    1. I can make the highlighter over each title just be on the title name (txt) rather than than big brown box it now is. Also how to I bring the drop down box in front of my slideshow,



    The dropdown is correctly appearing in front of the slideshow for me. Can you please tell us which browser (and version of) you’re using?

    As for the highlighting, did you mean that you wanted it to sort of shadow around the text, or do you just want a smaller rectangle around the text rather than the whole box?


    Ok I can see if I use Googlechrome then it works just fine. However I cant see which version of IE I have. It is a little more difficult given i only have access to a pc with german windows software.
    As for the highlighting i am not sure which option would be better till I try them out so would be good to know how to do this, at mom I am guessing to just highlight the txt including the drop boxes in Adventures. thanks again


    wow the changes I made on my css have updated on IE but not on the other two. So the experience potential customers to my site experience is in some ways dependant on what browser they use.. is that a correct statement?



    Yes, IE is a bit of a pain. Typically, things that work in other browser don’t work in IE and visa versa, though IE 9 is a bit better with that.

    You can find which version you’re running following this guide:

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