How do I change authors?

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    I want to change authors – I want to switch from Don Moore to Mary Auen

    The blog I need help with is



    Try like this :

    Go to dashboard –> Users – > Nickname [Required] – Write “Mary Auen” – -> Press button Update Profile.

    Then in Users – -> You will see the name “Mary Auen” in Display name publicly as – – > Select it – -> Press Button Update Profile.

    Visit your post you will your author name get changes from Don Moore to Mary Auen.

    Hope that helps !!



    If you have a multi-author site, as site ADMIN or Editor, you can change specific POSTS to be under a different Author’s name (a user who has already been added to your site in at least the Author role following these instructions ) in one of two ways:

    Individual Post: Open each post for editing and in the Author module, you can change the author of the post from the drop down menu. If you don’t see the Author module, you may need to enable it from the Screen Options tab in the upper right corner of your screen.

    Bulk Posts: In your WP Admin Dashboard>Posts>All Posts, select the Posts that you wish to change the author associated with the post and then select “Edit” under the Bulk Actions drop down menu. Make the change under the “Author” drop down and then click the Update button to save your changes.

    Let us know if you need more help with that.



    If you are the only user on your site, then you can change your public display name here:

    Changing your public display name will not change your username “talesfromthefront” which will still be used here in the forums and on your gravatar profile page


    I’m a difficult learner. What I’m really trying to do is change “The Sno Queen” author to my name instead of Don Moore. I’ll still manage the War Tales site, and I don’t want my name on his page, but it looks weird to see Don M on The Sno Queen. <smile> Almost everyone knows him and they know for sure he hasn’t had anything at all to do with the web site. Either one, for that matter, but he is the author of the stories presented.



    Oh my, Mary! Sorry for the lateness of this reply. We had massive rainstorms, flooding, power outages, the whole 9 yards.

    So then, do I understand correctly that you are talking about a second site under the same username account?


    @justjennifer, thank you for the tip on changing authors on a post!



    @laurieaferris- You’re most welcome.

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