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How do I change hosted location in

  1. Hi,
    I just play around with ip tool and accidently check my blog ip address and found out that it's hosted in UK rather then US. This is very weird.

    Then, I try to check couple of my friends blogs that is hosted in, then the result is different, some of them hosted in US and some of them in UK.

    Any idea how to change my blog to US hosted blog rather then UK? ( since most of my visitor is from US )

  2. What difference does it make where your blog is hosted?

  3. Well, I just found out that my blog rank very well in rather then Anyway, I was hoping someone from US will find my blog rather then UK since I talk about stuffs related to US:)

  4. They don't locate your blog because of the IP address. They locate it based on content.

  5. Anyway, I just send an email to support and ask for their help.

    I just want to make sure that this is something can't be set in the language setting. Well, it's definitely weird to know that my blog is hosted in UK.

  6. how they know my blog is from UK? none of my contents is about UK ..., this is the weird part:)

  7. No, it can't be set in the language settings. I still don't understand why you are concerned about where your blog is hosted.

  8. Thanks vivian, my problem solve, it's the time setting - UTS.

    I have couple of blogs, some of the have UTS -5 central setting and some of them don't, after setting it to UTS -5, it's back to US host ip address, this is just amazing.

  9. The web, is the web, and it makes no difference where the server is that your blog is located on. The search engines crawl the entire web and pay virtually no attention to where the server is located.

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