How do I change my A record?

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    I no longer want a website, but I want to keep my domain. Therefore, I NEED to change my A record because I want to host my domain elsewhere. The problem is, I bought my domain through and I don’t see the option to change the A records. Can someone tell me how to do this?

    The blog I need help with is



    There is no content on your site – so you just want to set up a new site not on WordPress.COM and not transfer the content?

    You need to get a new host, install whatever software you want on that site then you change the pointing of the name-servers to your new host. No A Record changes.




    Not according to my new hosts’ documentation. They say I need to keep the nameservers the same, and add a new A record and a new CNAME for the www subdomain. They don’t have their own nameserver for me to point to.

    I discovered that alternatively, I can create another CNAME that points to and that would accomplish the same thing. But, I don’t see any way to create a CNAME without a subdomain. Is it possible?

    This would be a lot easier if I could just get FULL control over the domain that i’ve purchased. This is yet another way I can solve my problem.



    If I were you I would be looking into transferring your domain name over to a different registrar that gives you full control. It will cost to transfer it, and the new registrar might be more expensive, but not having full control is not a good thing.

    Using a bunch of “tricks” to redirect the domain name generally isn’t a good idea since too many redirects makes the search engines extremely suspicious and could affect your ranking.

    Just sayin’…



    I am wondering more about a host that requires tricks to map to it and has no name-servers to point to – but my knowledge of advanced web is very basic –

    just wondering…

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